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Already they are +100 Hosting Free helping for the Well-being!

Agreement with the user

If these thinking to participate in this wonderful supply you must take into account the following points:

To use the Service

If you do not use the service its account could be finished. As it leaves from our policy of privacy their data will be eliminated totally of our hard disk.

To evaluate our service

We would like to know what is its point of view, for us you you are more than a client, is a public servant and will obtain technical support as our clients obtain it.

To use Correctly

At the time of making the request, it is committed in not violating our Terms & Conditions of use of our company, we will not be tolerant in this point.

Who Apply:

  • Organizations for charity
  • Organizations nonGubernamentarles
  • Medical centers
  • Thesis, projects of degree, among others (30 days or the time that you are needed)
  • Foundations
  • PS: All site that helps the social welfare can apply in this program.

To make the request
Obt©nlo in less than 12h.

I can obtain 2 years free?

Indeed, we are arranged to give Hosting by more than 365 days, if you need more time

With this measurement we avoided space created in hosting unutilised, if in 30 days it uses the service neither requests the more time, its plan of hosting could be eliminated

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