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MaxProSystems is a supplier world-wide leader of Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Domains and VPS, the company Founded by its present CEO Ramphy Rojas, the same has grown of a n company of hosting to a world-wide leader and supplier of lodging recognized by the industry.

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MaxProSystems is able to offer to its clients innovating products like vps hosting with ssd and designed services to complement its existing businesses. MaxProSystems serves the clients who go from independent and individual professionals in more than 27 countries. It also supports PHP and other software that the clients need.

Due to the nature of our Hosting + Corporative Mail, the clients of MaxProSystems are frequently Companies and/or Corporations, Agencies of Design Web and Aplicativos Developer. The companies of all sizes and forms, frequently make use of technologies available in MaxProSystems.

In our surveys realised in 2012, 2013 and 2014 about the satisfaction of the client, the 100% of the clients who participated, declared to feel satisfied with the company and the services that render. Leader in the sector of services and support to the client always is to the vanguard. The company works constantly to improve and to perfect its services and thus to achieve its objective to become the national leader of Hosting Services.

The equipment of MaxProSystems consists of veterans of the technology who work together to assure that MaxProSystems continues growing and progressing.

Our main infrastructure is composed by several servers who work with the CentOS distribution or RedHat of the operating system GNU/Linux.

Brands as Intel, Citrix, Dell, Western Digital, Cisco, 3ware, cPanel and Emerson Liebert comprise of our equipment.

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It does not lose time nor money when trying to communicate with his clients. We just guaranteed a service to him of quality to a price.

We are leader supplier of in providing dedicated services to Corporative Post office.

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