Cloud Hosting

Commercial allies

Cloud 2GB

Versus.46.200/mes Burglaryable plan until 32GB of ram.
  • 2GB Ram memory
  • 20GB Disco SSD

  • Including in all the plans:

  • Limitless transference
  • Technical support VIP
  • CDN CloudFlare
  • Dedicated certificate SSL + IP
  • Automatic endorsement

Cloud 4GB

Versus.92.400/mes It includes Cloud characteristics.
  • 4GB Ram memory
  • 40GB Disco SSD
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Cloud 8GB

Versus.184.800/mes It includes characteristics Cloud Hosting.
  • 8GB Ram memory
  • 80GB Disco SSD
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Cloud 16GB

Versus.369.600/mes It includes characteristics Cloud Hosting.
  • 16GB Ram memory
  • 160GB Disco SSD
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Cloud 32GB

Versus.739.200/mes It includes characteristics Cloud Hosting.
  • 32GB Ram memory
  • 320GB Disco SSD
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cPanel Including

Last Version of cPanel, Installed, Formed and Optimized. License evaluated in monthly 15$.

Technical support VIP

It can contact telephone route, live chat and system to us of tickets. Totally free and without limits.

99,9% Guaranteed Uptime

Platform with technology cloud, 99.9% of time in line guaranteed with the greater yield.

Burglaryable and Flexible

Packages Cloud Hosting:
2GB + 20GB SSD Versus.46.200/mes
4GB + 40GB SSD versus.92.400/mes
8GB + 80GB SSD versus.184.800/mes
16GB + 160GB SSD versus.369.600/mes
32GB + 320GB SSD versus.739.200/mes

Cloud technology

Characteristics of Hosting

  • Flexible and easy to use Control Panel
  • Bandwidth nonmeasured.
  • Disc space without limits
  • Sub domains and limitless accounts FTP.
  • 99.9% of time in line guaranteed.

cPanel Control Panel

  • Last Version of cPanel
  • Statistics of visits: AWStats and Webalizer
  • Protection of directories with key.
  • File manager via Web.
  • Hot protection Link, To deny IPS, to redirect URL.

Free with each Plan

  • Registry of .com domain .ve
  • +400 apps to install with a click.
  • Gratuitous transference from another servant.
  • Technical support VIP by MaxProSystems
  • 99.9% of time in line guaranteed.

Programming and Data bases

  • Data bases MySQL with access to phpMyAdmin
  • Cgi, Fast cgi, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python
  • Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library, ImageMagick
  • Administration via SSH
  • To program tasks with Cron Job

Corporative mail

  • Compatibility with Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-virus
  • Access via smartphone
  • Access via Web: Roundcube, Horde and SquirrelMail
  • Autorespuestas, Redirection and Alias of Mail

Ecological Hosting

All the energy utilzada by our servers is ecological and re-usable.

Hosting for Applications

  • Instantaneous installation of +300 applications.
  • WordPress Hosting - Metheglin your own WordPress blog
  • Joomla Hosting & Drupal Hosting - Professional Solution
  • Prestashop - Platform to sell free by Internet
  • Wiki Hosting - your own Wiki with MediaWiki Initiates

Contact of Quality

It can contact telephone route, live chat and system to us of tickets. Totally free and without limits.

Frequent questions

What is the Cloud Hosting de MaxProSystems?

With a Cloud Hosting de SSi you obtain all the power of a Dedicated Servant, without efforts and facilities.

Difference between Cloud Hosting with a VPS

When soliciing a VPS, you will be in charge of facilities and configurations, in addition to buying licenses. However with a Cloud Hosting, it will have everything installed, formed and optimized to only raise his website.

What so surely is a Cloud Hosting?

Our Cloud Hosting automatically distributes three duplicated copies of its data in several devices to guarantee the security and the redundancy. Our datacenters are constructed with the technology more outpost, and the servers monitor 24/7 in surroundings highly surely.

So reliable What is a Cloud Hosting?

Because it is practically using the resources of several servers, the lodging in the cloud protects it of an individually crushed or damaged physical servant. If a servant has some problem of hardware or he is overloaded with requests of resources, our automatic process of commutation by error will transfer without problems another servant.

Why the cloud versus. Hosting shared Web?

The main benefit that offers the lodging in the cloud on the shared lodging is that it allows him to use the resources of several servers, instead of to limit itself a single servant. With the lodging in the cloud, it can supervise and assign additional resources easily, which allows to a limitless expansion and growth. You have total control on his use, without surprises.

Profitable and in constant evolution with a price and a yield without precedents.

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