Corporative mail

Optimized for Multi-Device

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Characteristics of the Service:

Corporative mail in any place

Lea its corporative post office from telephones and tablets iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or even Blackberry. It works very well in programs as Cloud, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird

99,9% Guaranteed Uptime

It has the extremely reliable servers of MaxProSystems to maintain his operations in march the 24 hours, every day of the year. With automatic backup copies and cheap vps server hosting if you use our plan and protection against Spam.

Technical support VIP

It can contact telephone route, live chat and system to us of tickets. Totally free and without limits.

Burglaryable and Flexible

It asks for the accounts of corporative mail that its company needs and adds to each account optionally.

20GB additional Storage by Versus.2.200/mes

Corporative mail

Versus.1.100/mes (- 50% including) Price by individual account
  • 2GB of Storage
  • Protection against Spam and virus
  • Outlook, Webmail and movable access
  • Guaranteed Uptime of the 99,9%
  • Encriptado endorsement Weekly
  • Technical support VIP

Frequent questions

What is a Corporative Mail?

Our corporative mail will cause that your clients remember to you better because the email address agrees with your domain (ex:, and you promote to your company with each message that you send.

Is the domain including in the service?

Our services of corporative mail do not include domain registry.

If you already have a domain also you will be able to contract this service. He contacts an adviser from here and it will indicate the steps to you to follow.

What programs of e-mail I can use?

Whatever you like! Or that you want to form it in your mobile, tablet, PC or Mac, the Professional Mail of HostingSSI work in any platform.

That options I can form in my post-office box?

You have several options that you will be able to form from very intuitive a complete Control Panel but: Auto answers, alias, redirections, white and black sensitivity of the Anti-Spam and lists.

It is part of the company leader in .

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