Certificate SSL

Free Certificate SSL: Our plans of Hosting come with Certificate SSL including. It saves Already!
Obt©n a reliable certificate SSL

Our SSL uses coding SHA-2 and of 2048 bits to protect all the confidential data that transmit from the navigator the servant.

Gain the confidence to you of the clients

It serves to offer security to the visitor of his webpage, a way to tell them to his clients who the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data.

Optimization For Google and Bing

At the moment, Google favors to the websites based with HTTPS and more stop in the results will place them search. So your site will be more visible.

Multi: Navigator and Operating system

He operates, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

Certificate SSL

Versus.66.000/anual (30% discount) It does not need additional documentation. Security
  • Unique domain
  • Coding SHA-2 and of 2048 bits.
  • Without required proceedings
  • It increases Positioning (SEO)
  • Technical support VIP

Frequent questions

What is a certificate SSL?

I certify SSL consists of system of keys and encriptado used to protect the information of the user of a webpage and the servant who the metheglin, that is to say, briefly its function is encriptar the sent information to protect your users of the hackers or malware that intercept their data it stops to realise hundreds of frauds, computer science or banking robberies.

Who needs a certificate SSL?

All. At the moment all website, application, or servant who works with any type of information needs the implementation certificates for the positioning, visualization and security of his Web. It is a personal, enterprise blog, or a foundation will even need a certificate to promote safe surroundings for its users, being a fundamental requirement for the positioning in Google and the visualization by some navigators as Chrome.

I have a Hosting plan with SSi How I acquire my gratuitous certificate?

We offer gratuitous certificates SSL for our clients of Hosting. Our certificate settles of automatic way and it renews constantly. When lodging in our servers you will not have why to worry about his SSL, of this we were in charge we.

How to install my certificate SSL?

Here in MaxProSystems we will guide to you so that you can have your operative certificate the before possible thing. Our technicians will be to your disposition from the moment that you contact to us and until reaching the 100% of operativity, right as you wanted it.

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