For which MaxProSystems?

Commercial allies

Human monitoring

Right policy for satisfaction 100% of the client

  • Proactive of monitoring: It avoids 99% of the most common problems and assures an excellent yield.
  • There are no surprises: We do not have hidden positions nor additional positions by any service.
  • 45 days of Guarantee: If it is not satisfied we will provide a complete reimbursement to him.
  • Without contracts: You are free to finish his service without additional positions at any time.
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Speed and Security

Speed & Security

Better yield and hosting without hackers

  • Discs SSD NVme: It experiences until a 300% of better yield in the storage SSD for his archives and data bases
  • CloudFlare CDN: Excellent delivery of global content with Free CloudFlare CDN in all the plans of hosting.
  • Free of Attacks: Web Application Firewall optimized for Joomla, WordPress, Magento to name a few. It avoids 99% of the well-known threats of security.
  • Isolation of account: Surroundings dedicated completely isolated but not limited after each account of lodging.

Support VIP & Endorsements

Always gratuitous technical support

  • As a rocket: 10 minutes or less than response time for all the consultations and attention to the client via chat live.
  • Hosting support: Complete support for all the services of lodging, including e-mail, FTP, transference of websites and configuration.
  • Guaranteed endorsement: Backup copies of its data to maintain it safe and without fear.
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logo of applications

The open code enchants to us

Joomla, Magento, WordPress€¦ Only gave it

  • Facilities Free: We provide installation of gratuitous applications with a click for more than 400 applications.
  • Gratuitous groups: We will help him to create an incredibly attractive website with a gratuitous installation of groups.
  • Automatic updates: It surely maintains his website updated and with our gratuitous service of update of applications.
  • Firewall Web: Our fire-guards stop the offensives to the border of the network, protecting their website of threats and common attacks of the Web before they even arrive at his website.

Exclusive characteristics

Resources valuable to begin and to be successful

  • Gratuitous groups: Beautiful and gratuitous groups of answer for Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and more.
  • Tutorial free: Ample texts free and tutorial in video realised by experts to begin.
  • Services Extra: Great amount of additional services to help him to improve its website.
  • Easy Home and Transference: Gratuitous services of transference, optimization and security of websites.
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Reseller Hosting

Discs SSD & cPanel Free

It now initiates his own company of lodging with white label with our program of Hosting of remarketers with SSDs FREE. cPanel, 99,9% of Disponiblidad and Private DNS based on their domain are only some of the tools that are obtained with the program of Reseller Hosting

It climbs of plan without problems.

All the plans can be updated easily without losing no data or losing their directions IPS. According to his sales, it climbs to a plan higher without problems.

To climb without problems


Corporative mail

It offers to his clients a customized direction of e-mail ( and more€¦ Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other e-mail clients.

Blanca brand

It constructs one better experience for his clients with Deprived DNS, Constructor of Plans of Hosting and Temas cPanel Personalizables.

Certificate SSL

It offers security to his client and partners, safe data transfer with Certificate SSL for all accounts of Hosting.

99,9% of time in line

It has the extremely reliable servers of MaxProSystems to maintain his operations in march the 24 hours, every day of the year.

It is part of the company leader in .

it contacts with sales