Policies of Privacy

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MaxProSystems, is it jeopardize to protect all the data that we compiled envelope you. By means of the use of our services, you accept the use of the data that we gather in agreement with this Policy of Privacy.

MaxProSystems picks up the minimum amount of information exceeds you you stop to offer a satisfactory service to him. This policy indicates the type of processes that can be in collected data envelope you. The intention of this Policy of Privacy is so that you can understand what information of personal identification (€œPII€, €œPersonal Information€) of you takes shelter, how and when we can use his information, who has access to this information, and how it can correct any inaccuracy in the information.

In order to protect better its privacy, we provided this warning that explains our practices of information in line. In order to make this warning easy to find, we make it available in our webpage. Compiled information

We can gather any or all the information through both automated means, such as profiles of communications and cookies. Personal information that you give us you depend on the type on watch, it has supported, or sale, it can include its name, direction, telephone number, provided number of fax and email address, dates on watch, the types of served, file of payment, form of payment, amount of payments, date of payment, name of domain, credit card or information of payment. The financial information will be transferred only if it is possible to be used to invoice to products and services that it has bought. If you buy with credit card, this information can be sent to its supplier of credit card. All the confidential information takes shelter in a safe servant and data transfer. When it is transferred personal information of a security icon will appear in its navigator.

This information is used for the invoicing and to provide service and support to our clients. Also we can study this information to determine the needs of our clients and to offer support to our clients. All the reasonable precautions to avoid the nonauthorized access to this information. This safety measure can require that you provide another you form of identity in case wishes to obtain data about the details of its account. MaxProSystems can send its monthly news bulletin to the contact of main e-mail in the file, but the clients can choose to leave this bulletin at any time.

Archives of registry

MaxProSystems does not reveal any obtained personal data of you to third parties. This not applies to affiliates that serves to you, based on connections that provide within their access and CPanel control, where the information will be shared to facilitate their use of additional services that are included with their account of hosting

We can use personal information to stay in touch with you and to inform to him into the events related to our business. Also we can reveal anonymous data added with base in information compiled of the users to the potential partners, our affiliates and third credited parts. We take all the measures possible to select to the affiliates and suppliers of services that are demandingly ethical and gives to protection of the privacy similar to its clients and the community. We do not make any declaration about the practices and policies on these companies.

Correction/Update of Personal Information

If a client changes the information of personal identification, or if a client no longer wishes our services, we will strive to provide a way to correct, to update or to eliminate the personal data of that client in our registries. In the majority of the cases, this can be obtained through our system of invoicing. Otherwise, please put yourself in touch with us in sales@maxprosystems.com

MaxProSystems uses measures safety techniques to avoid the loss, evil use, alteration or nonauthorized spreading of the information under our control. maxprosystems.com uses safety measures, including and not limited a: physical, electronic and administrative procedures to safeguard and to assure the information that we compiled in line. When we asked to him the clients or users to provide financial information (as a card number of credit) the data are protected with the Secure Sockets Layer technology (€œSSL€).

Any change to our Policy of Privacy will be placed here and replaced this version of our Policy. We will take the reasonable measures to draw its attention to any change in our policy. Nevertheless, to be in the safe side, we suggested to him reads this document whenever it uses the website to make sure that it continues fulfilling its approval.

Application and Solution of Controversies

MaxProSystems will try to solve any restlessness. MaxProSystems also has acceded to participate in the program of resolution of controversies anticipated by the European Authorities of Protection of Data.

Send a message to us

If you have some question on our policy of privacy, or if you want to know which is the information who we have compiled envelope you, please send an email to us to privacidad@maxprosystems.com

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