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We are going to select to professionals graduated in Engineering or Degree in Systems, or at the moment attending these races (or their intermediate ones), with experience nonsmaller to 3 years in the architectures multi-layer Web and.

We are looking for people with talent who look for a work in the following areas:

Senior developer PHP

PROFILE: Senior developer PHP

We need that:

  • You can Develop in PHP to expert level (OOP, MVC, frameworks, portability cross-platform).
  • You have an advanced degree of SQL handling (MySQL 5,5, transactions, replication).
  • You are accustomed to develop in architectures multi-layer Web (MVC, service to layer, domain model).

In addition, it would be good that:

  • You have developed in IDEs surroundings Linux or Open Source.
  • You know a little administration and use the services of hosting (HTTP, FTP, smtp, imap, pop3, mysql).
  • You know development of interfaces Web 2,0 (Ajax, JSON, jQuery, KnockoutJS, etc).
  • You are usuary of Linux platforms and are familiarized with bash scripting, KDE, gnome.
  • You are interested in, and you are able to lead group tasks.

In MaxProSystems, you will highly find a motivated equipment in surroundings oriented to the objective, of fast rate.

Benefits & Forms of payment

There are many benefits to work in MaxProSystems. If a security of use and a race is what it is looking for, MaxProSystems can be its party. With the fast growth and expansion that we have experimented, we are looking for described candidates to share our many advantages with him.

In MaxProSystems, we think that when providing to the employees surroundings of excellent work, this will be reflected in the support who offer the client. We have an atmosphere of relaxed work that foments the interchange of new ideas and the work in equipment.

Each employee of MaxProSystems is evaluated by his unique set of abilities, experiences and perspective that take to work every day. MaxProSystems is a company with employees who share a great amount of knowledge with their fellow workers.

MaxProSystems gives the opportunity you to choose between our 2 more accessible currencies, between USD (American Dollars) or BEF (Bolivars F.), the lapses of payment and wage will be decided as the hiring process is taken place.

Information of Contact

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You do not forget to send directions to us of your realised projects.

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